Shoto Shoes

The tradition of Shoto goes back to early 1960s when the Medori family started producing handmade shoes in Montegranaro, in the heart of Marche (Italy). After years the third generation of Medori still forges ahead with innovation and aesthetical research, conserving the patrimony of its experience in shoemaking as well as the beginners’ enthusiasm for the profession. The unique company culture, oriented towards high quality reflects the personality of its founder Graziano Medori. Starting as a self-employed shoemaker, he opened the first factory with employees in charge of the production of shoes in a classical style, hand crafted and fundamentally aimed at local market.  

The Shoto Personality

The year 1985 was a turning point for the company’s history with the introduction of a new brand “Shoto”, entirely conceived and developed by Medori’s third generation. The identity of the brand Shoto was definitely new to the market. It was a trendsetting product with its unique lifestyle philosophy. It spoke to the audience of creative and courageous people, with strong personality, a well-defined “physique du role” and a particular passion for creative elegance, sobriety and high quality.

“For the final customer a pair of Shoto shoes is not only a product, but a means of expression of his or her personality and life attitude."

Shoto, Montegranaro (Fermo), Italia