Alexander Hotto Shoes

Alexander Hotto is a traditional shoe idea connected to innovation. The brand was born in 2003 and is the result of GAL.MEN artisan experience connected to the creative spirit of a dynamic family that attributes an original, personal and at the same time contemporary style to its products. Every shoe is aligned to artisan values of “Made in Italy”, with an authentic care for the style combining tradition and innovation.  It does exist your own perfect shoe! This is the answer given by Alexander Hotto. Not a simple shoe but a footwear aligned to the personality and to the style of the person who dresses it. The collection exalts the craftsmanship, the care and the quality of the materials adding value to the shoes thanks to a trend style never obvious. In Alexander Hotto's idea, fashion is not conformity but subjectivity: fashion is what you want to be and the way is dressing up a character shoe.

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Roberto Basso