Walk The Talk

In business if you don’t walk the talk you just won't succeed. Your boss, your colleagues, your clients - all demand a lot of you in this fast paced world.

In business there is also a whole lot of hot air blowing around and thus the term ‘walk the talk’ was created. Don’t say you’ll do it, unless you follow up with action. We talked about offering a service for clients who wanted to personalise their choices even more. MTO ‘made to order’ was born. We have curated a fine selection of artisan shoes for men and women, now available all year round with a lead-time of approximately 6 weeks. We wanted to bring old world, slow movement, artisan, handmade, premium quality shoes to the modern business person.

This is a small collection and won’t affect our seasonal fashion lines. From distinguished business shoes to grungy boots MTO has something special for everyone.

In this series we showcase our current collection favourites in a business context. Whether it’s to commute, business meetings, lunch or after work drinks, artisan shoes always make a good impression.

We have been working with our makers for years to get the hand dyed leather finished just the way we like them. Subtlety is key and the patina (natural wearing pattern) will reveal your wearing experience in relation to these shoes.

Check out the incredible concealed wing tip detail in ‘Conflict For Interest’ men’s business boots.

Women’s ‘INK’ zip ankle boots are beautifully finished with shallow perforations and zip details built for comfort and effortlessly cross over from business to leisure.

Talk is cheap, money buys handmade shoes. Visit us at one of our boutiques so we can help you “walk the talk”.

Special thank you to our friends at Verandah Bar Sydney for letting us shoot at your location.