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Ultimate Guide To Men's Transeasonal Boots

Ultimate Guide To Men's Transeasonal Boots Often perceived as only winter appropriate footwear, boots have now become one of the...

Ultimate Guide To Men's Transeasonal Boots

Often perceived as only winter appropriate footwear, boots have now become one of the most favoured options in a mans wardrobe, year round. Offering not only the factor of comfort, but also the extreme versatility and functionality they provide. Boots are to men, what pumps are to women, you can’t help but feel powerful and in command when you’re wearing a pair of boots, they allow you a certain attitude you weren’t even sure you were capable of!
To help in choosing the right style for you, below is a selection we’ve curated to help guide you in the right direction.

Dress Boot

There are a few great options when considering a dress boot, however,  try to go for something classic with a great finish, not super high shine, but not too matte either.  Also don’t be afraid to incorporate suede into you dress options. Try Lemargo DR21A in black or tan , this is the perfect balance, and style wise, gives you the option of switching between formal and casual with ease whilst still retaining that sense of slickness. Similarly Lemargo GB03A, with its grosgrain trim in contrasting cream, the mushroom suede is the perfect neutral colour that will go with almost every item of clothing in your wardrobe, it looks easily stylish worn with chinos, shirt and blazer as it does with a great pair of denim and simple tee, or light knit. For something a little more contemporary, try Pantenetti 15885 in chocolate, the French Oxford, men's dress boot hybrid will give you that point of difference and set you apart from the crowd.

Military Boot

This is a style also know as a combat boot has been around for a while now, and has become somewhat of a footwear staple. Our favourite option is Lemargo DR02A, which has just been restocked in Black, Cognac, and Teak. This is the boot that gives you the millitary vibe without looking like you just stepped of the army barracks, incredibly versatile, and incredibly comfortable with one of the most flexible sole units in the business. There is not much that you can’t wear this style with. A big trend coming out of Europe at the moment is actually pairing them with shorts. Not for everyone, but it is a very cool look, and given Australia’s climate, very relevant.

Casual Boots

Suedes are generally best when looking for a casual boot, they are a little less rigid, but still provide a sleek style. Look to transeasonal mens Chelsea Boots and Chukka Boot styles like Conflict For Interest Livorno in brushed brown suede, Le Ruemarcel 1005, and Pantenetti 16350. The practicality and functionality of these styles performance is outstanding, all the while giving you instant style credibility. The ease of wearing these boots is, well, easy, whilst still providing that certain slickness we all desire. These boots are the perfect smart casual options, for when you don’t want to be over the top, but still show you care about you feet. Remember, you can tell a lot about a man by his footwear choices.

Transeasonal hues such as tans, creams and shades of brown never go out of style, so remember to always think of buying the perfect boot as an investment, this is the style of footwear you splurge on. So wether it’s a dress, millitary or casual boot you are searching for, we have you covered this season at 124 Shoes! 


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