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Trending Sneakers Winter 2022

In recent times, the sneaker has evolved to a worldwide phenomenon and something we need in our wardrobes. Once you...

In recent times, the sneaker has evolved to a worldwide phenomenon and something we need in our wardrobes. Once you have one pair you need another pair, and another and suddenly your wardrobe is full of sneakers. It is now acceptable to wear trainers not only casually but also to work. Matching an array of different styles is what makes the modern day sneaker so unique. The key to finding the right trainer is picking something you see with balance between everyday and trainers you can occasionally wear to special occasions. Currently in all boutiques is the latest sneaker drop, new ranges by Conflict For Interest, Ghoud and Man.To will have every sneaker enthusiast spoilt for choice.
Explore our exclusive look at 124’s new sneaker collection.

The Classic Sneaker 

Put away your running shoes and opt for a luxurious classic trainer this season. Conflict For Interest Asti is available in white and brown. These trainers go with everything and are outfit ready for any occasion. While the Asti has a hint of suede detail, the Treviso in white provides a slimmer silhouette. White with a textured premium deer hide ideal for slimmer clothing attire. Clean cut silhouettes will always remain a classic for seasons to come, be sure to add a classical trainer to your wardrobe.
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Distressed Sneaker 

For some, sneakers are meant to be kept clean and pristine. Sneakers which have become pre-distressed have become highly in trend. Vintage apparel always seems to come around, with ripped jeans and ripped t-shirts, so why not a pair of distressed trainers? Made in Italy is Conflict For Interest Savona. Pre- distressed with the signature conflict for interest stamped across the side and back of the heel tab. In a white, grey and black, there’s sure to be a colour that suits your style. 
Our picks - 

High Top Sneaker 

Effortlessly cool and add to a laid back look especially when paired with the right array of tailoring by Altea. Perfect for everyday use is the San Pietro by Conflict For Interest. The classical silhouette is in a soft black hide sitting on a neutral gum sole. Roll your denim up; wear them with tailored trousers and even shorts. Sometimes we need a statement piece, in blue with a neutral sole and side gusset is Conflict For Interest Rho. The colour works perfectly, highly versatile and the perfect alternative to wearing dress shoes. For the women we would like to introduce the sneaker boot by OA. In two tonal colours (Black and white) with a thick rubber sole, the perfect sneaker for long dresses and loose leg trousers.
Our picks- 

Slip On Sneaker

The most practical and versatile trainer style, slip on sneakers are perfect for women who are always on the go. Light weight with a soft hide providing optimum comfort. OA have two tonal colours which are perfect slipping on and off if you’re in a hurry. A highly versatile platform sole with a smooth leather and versatile white sole. Easy to match with dresses, heavy tights and denim. Ensure to check these out when at one of our boutiques. 
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Chunky Sole Sneaker

The chunky sneaker, oversized, extra cushion, lightweight and highly in trend. The aim of the chunky trainer is to walk around in comfort. Ascoli by Conflict For Interest come in a blue and black and are like gloves on your feet. The aesthetic of the black and white sole ensure they’re comfortable and also trendy. Match this with your denim, shorts and loungewear. 
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The Retro Sneaker

Back to the 70’s we go with fabricated materials, soft leather hides and highly unique styles. New to our boutiques is Man.To. In an off white, beige suede and a blue suede heel tab. This style is highly limited and the perfect edition to any sneaker enthusiast or collector. Ghoud trainers have chunky soles and feature retro coloured soles. Available for men’s and women’s, Ghoud sneakers will bring out any outfit with its unique vibrant colours. 
Our picks- 
Our latest sneaker collection has just landed and there’s no better time to invest in something different and unique than now. New styles arriving weekly with various colours and styles, our friendly staff will point you in the right direction. We look forward to seeing you in one of our boutiques soon.
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