The best of both worlds

The coolest new business shoes combine double monk styling with a loafer last, literally the best of both worlds or two shoes in one. The beauty of these monks is you don’t have to unbuckle the straps, just slip them on like a regular pair of loafers.

How do we style it?
Deep navy blue is the 'must have' colour for Spring. The latest styles emerging out of Florence is the double monk loafer.
Socks or sans socks, embrace the Italian flair of these shoes by pairing them back with your navy, grey or 'colour pop' green suiting.

Don’t wear suits to work?

If its not business suits, try open neck cocktail looks or separates. A classic navy blazer with light coloured chinos and a denim shirt would be a match made in heaven. Be sure to crop your hems so everyone can see the detail of these fine, artisan, handmade shoes.
If you want the best of both worlds, get your feet into a pair of Lemargo loafers, also available in tan in limited sizes.