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Spring 2021 Fashion Trends

SS'21 Fashion Trends Men’s & Women’s After many months of lockdown and WFH get up, we can finally embrace spring/summer...

SS'21 Fashion Trends Men’s & Women’s
After many months of lockdown and WFH get up, we can finally embrace spring/summer fashion in 2021. The weather is warming up, restrictions are being lifted and we can start wearing lightweight outwear which is perfect for this time of the year. So it’s spring, what do we wear? What shoes are in trend? What shoes should we pair with our lightweight apparel? Runways all across the world represent spring with bright and bold colours, refined tailoring, accessories and lightweight footwear. So let’s shed the layers, put your heavy winter fashion away and get ready to transcend into a different way of dressing this season.
Explore further, find 124’s guide to top spring/summer fashion trends and outfit ideas.
You’ll see why our shoes are made not for the ordinary.
Men’s Fashion Trends 

Match artisan clothing with handcrafted footwear

Nostrasantissima X Conflict For Interest
The art of complementary colours easily makes a statement, the return of colour blocking for men in spring ’21. A combination that involves three colours, army green, white and a soft & subtle brushed suede. Nostrasantissima new season avoque’s timelessness and innovation. Their military-like trousers in army green are perfect for the right balance of casual cool, easily sort after matching an array of t-shirts, jackets and shirts. For those summer nights we recommend Nostrasatissimas light weight shirt in white, this will compliment the green trousers. To complete this look we recommend Conflict For Interest Catanzaro lace up boot in beige, an effortlessly cool outfit made with three simple steps.
Altea X Conflict For Interest
Crisp, clean and structured tailoring is paramount for season less dressing this spring. Versatile dressing is an important aspect; we should have different looks for different occasions. Altea creates wardrobe classics using their own impeccable crafted fabrics, their outfits are meant to complement each other. Lightweight blue trousers with a single pleat and a two tone short sleeve shirt. The shirt will compliment the pants with its shades of blue, perfect for summer days and nights. Keep it  casual, Conflict For Interest Lugano in white will fit in with the blue perfectly, the gum sole, a retro take on the tennis sneaker provides that point of difference compared to the tonal white trainer.
Altea X Pantanetti Oxford
Knitwear and lightweight tailored pants, cotton linens ideal for warmer weather are the backbone to an effective spring wardrobe. Easily recognizable and a staple which never dates. Bright and bold knitwear by Altea features a lightweight silhouette perfect for layering or wearing on its own. A green pair of pants will ensure our wardrobe has versatility (we sometimes need to step away from navy and black). Compliment this look with Pantanetti oxfords in suede; the lace less feature gives us a real feel of summer, comfort like no other with a sacchetto construction, so soft you won't want to take them off. If you’re comfortable, roll your trousers up and tuck your knitwear in slightly to embrace a European sort of lifestyle, we can’t provide you with the spritz, but we can recommend a few bars that can.
Nostrasantissima Suit x Ernesto Dolani Sandals
Bold, extravagant, loud, an avant-garde take away from ordinary black and navy suits. A collaboration of art and a vision of modern day styling by Nostrasantissimas white & black striped suit. Style it your way with a t-shirt, a shirt and tie, the decision is yours. When wearing a bold suit you need bold footwear, Ernesto Dolani’s take on the hobo sandal is fashion forward, the detailing of the sandal will compliment the pin stripe and set you on your way to being different & unique. A contemporary edge and for those who don't conform to the norm.
Women’s Fashion Trends
Pantanetti Loafers
Elemental hues of blue, black, grey and white denim are timeless pieces that serve as an easy day to night number. Easily dressed up or down, depending on the occasion, we can always count on denim. It could be as easy as putting our favourite linen shirt on, crop top or knitwear. Pantanetti has a treat for you this season with two colourful loafers in a sacchetto construction. A beautiful rose pink and orchard green. Perfect for white denim to ensure your shoes draw all the attention, important to note when wearing colourful hues to match them with more subtle pieces to compliment the bold colours.
Pantanetti Mary Jane’s
Bold, beautiful prints and polka dots are highly sought after pieces this spring/summer. Bold prints with colourful women’s hues match a treat. Yellow polka dots, floral pieces, matching bold pieces, the possibilities are endless. Having something stand out so much we need to ensure our footwear is on point. To the rescue Pantanetti yellow court shoes, a bright yellow to match all prints, whether a loose leg trouser or a summer dress (as shown). Bold colours are a big yes from the buying team at 124 this season.
Ernesto Dolani Black Mule X White Linen Suit
It just wouldn’t be spring without our linen pieces. Linen over shirts, linen suits, it’s just an essential piece for all women. Linen suits in an array of colourful hues work with a variety of women’s spring/summer footwear. OA sandals, Pantanetti court shoes and even trainers. We’ve got our eye on something special this season, the Ernesto Dolani mule. Being on trend with the chunky sole in a recycled contrast material creates a nice two tone effect, bringing out more of our clothing. Soft leather hues with a quirky lace up sitting on a comfortable and durable sole. The backless feature ensures their easy to get on and get off. This piece of artisan luxury is exclusively made for 124 and is a must have piece for an array of summer styling this spring.
Midi Skirts X Bottega23
Classy, sophisticated and fabulous, that’s our take on midi skirts with beautiful summery patterns. A midi skirt is secretly a great alternative for all day time events, wineries, day parties or a lunch with the girls, it just fits. A white shirt, plain t-shirts or floral blouses are ideal and can be paired with a number of footwear options. Bottega23 baby blue soft leather hues will complete any outfit, a comfortable and stylish option for day time dressing. A quirky and unique heel because, why not?
We’re glad to announce that both Melbourne and Sydney boutiques are now open, we would encourage everyone to come into our boutiques and view one of our best collections to date. Our friendly staff will have you spoilt for choice with artisan footwear, bags, clothing and accessories.
We can’t wait to see you!!
124…..handmade shoes made not for the ordinary 



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