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Pair Your Style With Sustainability

Whether you’re shopping for apparel, footwear or a gift, there are brands that are taking the next step with their...

Whether you’re shopping for apparel, footwear or a gift, there are brands that are taking the next step with their manufacturing processes. Brands are introducing more sustainable ways when making your product, especially with footwear. Whether a pair of white trainers, winter boots or women’s flats; sustainability is important to artisan makers. Understand the recyclable materials you’re wearing and see what 124 is doing to help reduce waste. 
Explore further as we showcase what our artisans brands are doing to help the planet. 

Recycled Rubbers

Our trendy trainers are where smooth leather meets innovative soles that are lightweight and durable. All made of recycled rubber ensuring maximum comfort whilst leaving a sustainable footprint.
A few of our brands that use recycled rubber include - 


A brand born in Italy in 2018 with a simple vision; to love the earth and build a sustainable future. OA make comfortable shoes for everyday life, keeping it simple and basic. Their attention to detail whilst creating eco-friendly products is what makes them stand out. Season by season they strive for their products to be eco-sustainable. Footwear that is fashionable and also good for the planet.
OA moto - 
1.We care for the Earth
2.We respect Humanity 
3.We represent freedom


Retro trainers made in Tuscany using sustainable materials with production techniques ensuring trainers are made with 100 percent recycled materials and are environmentally conscious. The philosophy is simple, comfortable trendy trainers which are good for the planet. Each trainer is hand welted to the recycled rubber. Man.To trainers are eco-friendly and help reduce waste.
Conflict For Interest & Ras

Vegetable Tanning 

Eating your vegetables is one thing but did you know most of the shoes you wear from 124 are vegetable dyed? All shoes are tanned from barks, branches, leaves and fruits which have been a traditional method of dyeing leather footwear. Our artisan makers all use vegetable dyes in their leathers. The superior quality of vegetable dyed shoes cannot be compared to fast fashion footwear that often use chemically treated leathers. While you might be paying more, this technique is mindful of the planet, so it’s essential to purchase a pair of carefully handcrafted footwear.


While we ensure all our shoes are vegetable dyed and our trainers use recycled rubbers, our packaging is also sustainable. Our boxes are made from 100 percent recycled cupboard and are able to be recycled after you have purchased them. All shoes come with individual shoe pouches reducing the amount of packaging and materials found in each pair of artisan luxury. Be assured at 124 your footwear is packaged with a conscious effort for looking after the environment. 
Being environmentally friendly with all our products is something we take pride of at 124. Our daily operations as well as the way our artisan makers handcraft footwear puts sustainability at the forefront.
Slowly but surely we all can do our bit by making conscious decisions towards creating a more sustainable way of living.
124…..handmade shoes made not for the ordinary. 


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