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Most Stylish Winter Boots For Men & Women

The winter months are here and it’s time to think about how to amplify your footwear style. Typically, a stylish...

The winter months are here and it’s time to think about how to amplify your footwear style. Typically, a stylish man and woman would have a variety of winter boots on rotation, to be worn for the appropriate occasion. Comfortable, durable and contemporary styling are all sought after prerequisites, whilst keeping our feet warm. However, the conundrum for many is what style of boot should I wear? What style is appropriate for the right occasion? With so many options available in today’s market selecting the right stylish boots can be challenging and overwhelming. The fast fashion options and high street options often lack unique personality, style & more importantly the quality to see you through numerous winters. In this blog we have identified and curated a selection of slow fashion options.  
Read further and explore the stylish winter boots to wear for the right occasion beyond this winter.  

Men’s Edit

Men’s curated styles picked by our stylist at 124

Modern day styling in a mid cut mens chelsea boot this Winter. An ideal piece of footwear appropriate for more refined tailored suiting, relaxed chinos and denim. A tailored suit slightly higher in length shows the boot in its true beauty. A style that will see you ready for cooperate meetings, dressier occasions and after hour weekend adventures. Stay ahead of the trend with a piece of artisan footwear by Conflict for interest providing you with a solid basis for styling this season.
Assertive footwear making a statement with a chelsea boot by Conflict For Interest. An ideal shape with gussets on each side in a beautiful rich tan and black. A shoe every gentleman should own, an ideal boot for suiting and cooperate wear, they will bring out your navy and grey suits. Perfect for lighter tones of chinos which are ideal for casual Friday’s or after-work drinks. Nothing says “I mean business” then a black chelsea boot. A modern day must and an easy match for suiting, denim, chinos and weekend wear. 
It’s all in the name 124 not for the ordinary. This Poema boot has a beautiful brushed suede featuring a fringe detail and buckle to finish it off. A real stand out piece and a must have for the modern day well groomed gentleman. Suiting a more refined way of dressing with tailored suits, chinos and denim. A standout piece with limited pairs commissioned, will you be one of the few that gets your feet into these?
Young innovative designer Mattia Capezanni shows his version of the ankle boot. A boot with a zip feature on the side in a beautiful brown with resent dripped at the front and the sole of the shoe. Ideal for a loose leg trouser, cropped trousers and deconstructed suits. It wouldn’t be Winter without seeing a pair of black lace up boots. This play on the black ankle boots a must have with a vibram sole, Black kangaroo leather and strap across the in step. An ideal piece for layering and showcasing a bold way of dressing this season. From the runways of Italy to Australia, embrace a different style of footwear with the Mattia Capezanni X 124 collection.
It’s pretty simple; every male needs a pair of lace up ankle boots. These boots come in a beautiful bordo colour as well as a black. A boot which is easy to style from cropped chinos to show the finer features of the boot and a slim legged suit to show the beautiful texture of the leather. A MUST have in your winter wardrobe, styling made simple and uncomplicated with Conflict For Interest.

Women’s Edit

Women’s curated styles picked by our stylist at 124

A fashion statement in its own with a sneaker boot in white. A white mid top sneaker to insinuate cropped trousers and jeans. This style is the perfect alternative when you don’t feel like wearing heels and want to be that little bit more comfortable and oh so stylish. A sneaker which gives you a nice alternative to the everyday boot. A white trainer is a must, why not have it in a womens chelsea boot version? You’ll thank us later for the advice.
Available In black as well
A double sided zip boot in an array of colour’s just in time for winter. A perfect height for all your winter dresses, jeans and cropped trousers. Ideal for work wear or a casual Saturday with the girls. A soft hide ensures these are comfortable, just like European winters we continue to stay in trend with overseas styles.
Shop a number of colour's in the Conflict for Interest Tropea boot.
The right suede boot is often hard to find. With multiple lengths, styles, and colour’s it can be daunting. Currently in trend is burnished suede women's boot a bit higher than the ankle with a zip feature on the side. This style has a number of outfit ready ideas. A day in the office with cooperate wear, a midi skirt and of course with a pair of denim. Showcase the boot with an array of cropped trousers and denim, the burnished toe will bring out your outfit & make it look more vibrant. A style that is often seen on the runway and is a must have in Winter 21.
A contemporary twist by young innovative designer Mattia Capezanni. An ankle boot with a buckle detail and zip feature across the back showcasing a way of styling which is unique and modern. A pointy toe to insinuate your suit styling giving it a nice finish. Showcase this style with an array of modern winter apparel and concur winter. A boot that will take you step by step to a different way of styling.  
These high ankle military boots scream winter. The perfect boot to layer and match with your winter jackets and apparel. The higher military boot insinuates a look of ruggedness and durability with their vibram soles. Sit them under your pants, tuck them into your jeans (so you see more of the boot) and wear them with an array of dresses.
Explore Le Reumarcel array of quirky styles
Finding the best winter boot or the warmest winter boot will allow you to better enjoy those colder seasons. For winter 21 slow fashion is a must with handcrafted artisanal footwear from our likeminded makers. Whether it’s a chunky military boot, a chelsea boot for work or an eccentric boot. The curated collection by 124 will have something for you.
Showcase a different way of styling this winter
124.....handmade shoes not for the ordinary


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