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MADE TO ORDER ORDER WITH CONFIDENCE 124 from the laneways of Melbourne has only had an eye on one thing...



124 from the laneways of Melbourne has only had an eye on one thing and one thing only, quality handcrafted artisan footwear. Throughout our 10 years we have seen a growing appreciation for the finest handcrafted footwear from Italy’s generational craftspeople. Our philosophy has been simple, handcrafted footwear in limited sizes. Exclusivity is something we’re known for with customers often missing out on unique styles. Different colours and variations? A question often asked when visiting one of our boutiques. This is where we knew an opportunity presented itself and an idea turned into reality by introducing a made to order program where you create your piece of artisanal luxury. The brands that 124 partner with specialise in handcrafted artisanal footwear. Over 80-150 hand held processes have been passed down from generation to generation to create every pair. All the brands are unique in their own way and add to the heartbeat of 124.
In this blog we’ll talk about the entracet detail gone into making your made to order and give you confidence in ordering a pair now or in the near future.
Read further to explore a different way of styling, your own unique style.

SIZING - How do I know my correct size?

124 work with a number of brands who are making a pair exclusively for you. When it comes to size be reassured that this is a step we take very seriously and will ensure you select the correct size. Each brand has different fittings, Preventi tend to be a larger fit while Lemargo fit true to size. Every shoe has a different last and it’s important to cater for your needs. A number of styles are available in store that fit the same as certain made to orders, be assured with our highly skilled staff members taking you step by step to establish your correct size. If purchasing online, the description will often state how the shoe fits and if you’re still uncertain please contact one of our boutiques or email us at


Every pair is 100 percent handmade, and the aim is for us to build your own piece of footwear from beginning to end. We customize your leather type, colour to heel types. To showcase your true personality and style a variety of colours are available on request.
Our staff are here to guide you step by step with the processes and combinations that can be achieved. Our staff will measure your foot, size you up with styles that fit similar to the style you’re after and run you through the colour’s available in leather options or suede’s. After this process is complete and you’re confident in the processes we send the order off and your piece of artisanal luxury is in the process of being a reality. Please allow 6-10 weeks depending on the maker and construction for your footwear to arrive but trust us when we say this, it’s worth the wait.


Choosing the right colour can sometimes be challenging, we’re here to make that step that much easier. Different brands use different hides depending on the style of footwear. Each brand has their unique leathers and suede’s which separate them from mass market brands. When shopping in store our friendly staff will run through all the colour variations, which includes two tones where leather and suede are combined. When shopping online it’s important to filter by brand and to see if we can make what you’re after. Please contact one of our boutiques, our chat bot online or via email at


Special collaborations exclusively available to 124 shoes
In June 2021, we introduced our made to order “Capsule” collection. A first to market idea by our buying team showcasing upcoming exclusive styles and collaborations with our esteemed artisan makers prior to seasonal launch. A combination of innovation, true craftsmanship, premium materials and unique styles. Mattia Capezzani men’s & women’s styles feature square toes, rustic combat boots and high shine finishes. Primabase array of quirky sneakers with velvet uppers for women's made to order and a combination of unique finishes for men's made to order styles. Lemargo’s collection is one of excellence with men’s and women’s styles highlighting the true art of the dip dying processes. The softness, suppleness of the leathers as well as the comfort is extraordinary. If you want something of beauty that goes against the grain of fast fashion trends, then it has to be Rocco P. Less is more with the timeless crafted women’s court shoe and the comfortable age defying crepe soles. Preventi exemplify extraordinary craftsmanship using age old techniques and are one of a few brands that continue to make Goodyear welts which are proven to last year’s upon years. INK completes this collection with statement pieces with every step you take.
This collection was made for the shoe enthusiast that wants to showcase a different way of styling their footwear. Customise your colour, create uniqueness and be quirky with your new favourite pair of made to orders footwear.
Our made to order program puts the power in your hands. Your style, your way.
We will continue to bring unique styles from our artisan brands and bring the finest that Italy has to offer to our Melbourne & Sydney boutiques.
We look forward to finding you the perfect pair.
124…Handmade shoes not for the ordinary



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