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Italian Masters Alexander Hotto X Primabase

A story of a man and his sons by Alexander Hotto A brand story which begins in 2003, a company...

A story of a man and his sons by Alexander Hotto

A brand story which begins in 2003, a company founded by Alessandro Melchiorri in 1955. Devoted to the world of shoes and craftsmanship, a dream quickly turned into a reality by sharing his passion for footwear with his two sons. The focus is simple, respecting the tradition of creating footwear which you’re proud to wear with soft leather hides & unique finishes.
Explore further as we divulge into the world of Alexander Hotto and Primabase.

A tale about Alexander Hotto

Alexander Hotto is a traditional shoe idea connected to innovation. The brand was born in 2003 and is the result of a dynamic family of artisans that attributes an original, personal and contemporary style to their footwear. Every shoe is aligned to artisan values of “Made in Italy”, with an authentic care for style combining tradition and innovation. It does exist!! Your own perfect pair of shoes.
Elegant and refined footwear…….. for a strong personality and the artisan enthusiasts.


A tale about Primabase

An ambition and an extension of the Alexander Hotto brand with the idea to create the classic shoe, the sneaker. Conceived as a gym shoe with the idea of turning it into a real fashion concept that would create a different outlook into the way people view sneakers. Based on simple principles of dynamism, avant-garde, experience and creativity. A project that turned into a vision with a renowned name in the sneaker world, an idea created turned into a reality. A staple of the Primabase brand is their two tone leathers, distressed finishes and vulcanised soles for both men and women.

The motto

“Today is very good day”
A motto the family abides by with all their footwear.
New Primabase for Women
Men’s new Primabase

Live Today - Spring Summer 21

A collaborative effort by the 124 buying team and the Melchiorri family, introducing Alexander Hotto & Primabase spring/summer 21. Meticulously picked for artisan enthusiasts and shoe lovers everywhere. Men's sneakers and women's sneakers that will draw attention and deck shoes more than ideal for every occasion. View new collections for men and women now available in the Sydney boutique and online.
Beautiful hides for men and women in limited numbers
124……handmade shoes not for the ordinary


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