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How To Wear Chelsea Boots With Everything

If there is a style of shoe that can take you to any event or through any weather, it’s the...

If there is a style of shoe that can take you to any event or through any weather, it’s the chelsea boot. What is a chelsea boot? Defined as a style of boot which is close fitting, ankle high and elastic side panels on each side of the boot. Various shapes and leather finishes highlight the versatility of a men's chelsea boot and the adaptability to your winter wardrobe. Trending is the chunky chelsea boot, thick based with a rubber sole and perfect for giving you a few extra inches. In this piece we explore matching the appropriate apparel with chelsea boots made by our artisan makers. A special edition introducing a new type of chelsea boot exclusively available at 124 shoes.
Explore our exclusive chelsea boot edit made specifically for you by our 124 buyers.


Our denim jeans tend to be our most reliable piece of apparel in our wardrobe, easily worn and can be dressy or casual depending how we dress them. A number of chelsea boots can fit each of these categories. The casual look can be made simple, a pair of suede chelsea boots (Conflict For Interest Florence in suede grey), dark denim and a charcoal knit by Transit. The contrasting effect of the elastic gussets and suede gives this boot its finishing touch. If you would like to be a bit dressier with your denim, match it with a blazer and Lorenzo black by Conflict For Interest. Lorenzo features premium buffalo leather sitting on a rubber sole for an extremely comfortable piece of artisan luxury. A variation from the traditional chelsea boot is one with an internal zip closure, while the external part has the contrasting rubber elastic maintaining the Chelsea boot aesthetic. Highly unique and not for the ordinary.

Cuffed Trousers

Chelsea boots are not only ideal for denim but suite most cuffed trousers. The cuffed trouser leg will highlight the intricate detail of the chelsea boot and its height. Pin striped, tonal colours are perfect to match with your new footwear. Our recommendation is the Pantanetti chelsea boot, featuring a rustic suede finish and easy to get into with the rear zip. This chunky boot is on trend with an injected vibram sole, it’s the ideal boot for all occasions. You’ll want to show this boot off, a piece to behold in the 124 AW22 collection.

Work Attire

The days of exclusively wearing a suit to work has evolved over the years. While on occasions we’re required to wear suits, a smart casual look is today considered appropriate for work. Finding the appropriate chelsea boot can be challenging. Are they dressy enough or casual enough to suite our work/lifestyle balance? Pantanetti dark brown suede chelsea boot is the perfect boot for balancing both, perfect with chinos and tailored attire. If you want something tonal and slightly understated opt for a pair of Florence in mid brown. Our signature chelsea boot tailored to match all your suits (everything but black) and all your casual winter attire.


Gone are the days where its frowned upon wearing a pair of chelsea boots with a suit. While derbies and oxfords are a classic, the chelsea boot can make your suit stand out that little bit more. Something with a soft hide, just above the ankle with a patina finish. Conflict For Interest Florence in black is perfect for Navy and black suits while Florence in mid brown is perfect for your lighter suits. The mid brown is beautifully dip dyed ensuring the attention is firmly at your footwear.

How do I pick the ideal chelsea boot for me?

Sometimes it may be daunting picking the right chelsea boot that will fit into your work/lifestyle cycle. What colour? What finish? What shape? What should I be looking for? It’s important to establish what you’ll need them for. If it’s casual attire, we recommend you dress them down with a beautiful soft & subtle suede. If you want something for work and casual attire, we recommend a tonal colour like a tan or mid brown which will match most suiting and apparel. A black chelsea boot can be the perfect edition to your wardrobe, it knows the occasion and will suite anything depending how you layer it. Investing in a good pair of chelsea boots is a must for the modern man. Cheaper options tend to mould and fall apart within months (pay particular attention to the construction of the boot). The time is now to invest in a beautiful pair of handcrafted chelsea boots to see you through AW22 and beyond.
Invest in timelessness and longevity
The colder months are a head of us and there is no better time to find your perfect pair of chelsea boots. AW22 collections are arriving weekly with various colours and variations. Be sure to visit one of our boutiques, we look forward to seeing you soon.
124….handmade shoes made not for the ordinary.


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