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How To Style Men's Italian Shoes

How to style men’s artisan handcrafted shoes? What colour tones will match my apparel? It’s a fine line between elevating...

How to style men’s artisan handcrafted shoes? What colour tones will match my apparel? It’s a fine line between elevating your style and completely getting it wrong. Multiple options are available at our boutiques, but it’s about finding the right piece of footwear to fit into your wardrobe and lifestyle. Whether a chelsea boot, trainer or loafer, we’ll show you the tones to look for when picking your new piece of artisanal luxury. 
Today we’re here to give you some simple styling advice and steer you in the right direction for that upcoming occasion. 
Explore further to explore 124’s way of styling Italian footwear. 

Chelsea Boots 

Mens chelsea boots are a close fitting style that have an elastic panel on each side. The most reliable shoe in the urban male’s wardrobe matching an array of suiting, denim and tailored trousers. If you like lighter tones opt for a tan chelsea boot, this will match your lighter apparel. Tan boots are ideal for navy,  grey suits as well as beige trousers.  If you tend to wear darker denim and shirting, a black boot is ideal. Washed denim, black suits and navy tones work a treat. A pair of suede chelsea boots are perfect for all your casual attire. Most apparel will suit suede tones providing a clean cut look to your wardrobe. At 124 we have multiple options through summer and winter, ensure to view our latest installment of chelsea boots in store and online.

Derbies and Oxfords 

Every male needs a pair of oxfords and derbies in his wardrobe. Perfect for formal outfitting or to elevate your casual attire. To accentuate these styles further try cuffing the trouser or denim to highlight the shape, pattern and finish. To put together the perfect formal outfit, black oxfords provide that elegant touch to your black suit. If wearing a navy or grey suit, brown oxfords or derbies work perfectly. In recent times oxfords and derbies can provide a nice touch to your casual attire. Wear with neutral colour tones to ensure the centre of attention is your footwear. To accentuate your footwear further try cuffing up your trousers or denim to show the colour tones of the derbies and oxfords. Depending on the occasion a blazer will elevate your style, be sure to take every step in confidence and take pride in your outfit.

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Men's trainers have become a piece that every male needs to own, perfect for cuffed trousers, denim, shorts and even suiting. A white trainer does everything you need, creating a lux feel to any outfit. Clothing by Altea is perfect for white trainers. Clean cut silhouettes and refined knitwear ideal for this look. Neutral tone trainers and navy trainers with distressed soles are highly in trend. Match with denim of your choice, a white tee and a denim shirt by Altea. If you love black trainers look to go with darker bottoms, match with lighter tones so your outfit isn’t too dark. Shop the right Italian made trainer for you. 


Loafers are an icon of men's shoes styles and have become a staple of sartorial style. Appropriate for any occasion – suitable for everything from formal black tie to the everyday. Mens Italian made loafers are a perfect finishing touch to any smart ensemble and will elevate smart casual weekend attire. When choosing your colours ensure they match your way of styling. Darker loafer’s suite black and navy tailored trousers, while lighter tones suite earthy colour trousers. It’s as easy as putting on a poplin shirt or a tailored blazer and you have a sophisticated look suitable for all occasions. Loafers suite a number of shorts as well so don’t be afraid to wear your loafers with your dress shorts. 

Tips For Every Male 

  1. Don’t shy away from colour 
  2. Invest in your footwear 
  3. Stick to timeless luxury classics with footwear 
  4. Express yourself 
With styles arriving weekly visit our boutiques or our online store. Our friendly staff will walk you through to find the right shoes for that special occasion. 
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