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Every Day Accessories For The Modern Man

Leather Mens bags, wallets, satchels and hold-all every man should own: Owning a handmade Italian leather bag, wallet or belt...

Leather Mens bags, wallets, satchels and hold-all every man should own:

Owning a handmade Italian leather bag, wallet or belt is the ultimate accessory every man should own. Whether it is a Men’s Italian wallet, Men’s satchel or Leather backpack. Your everyday essentials need to be carried off in style.
In today’s fast moving environment every man needs a bag to carry all his belongings, be it a laptop, phone, keys, sunglasses or wallet. Gone are the days of carrying around a boxy briefcase or canvas satchel. Today’s modern man needs a quality leather bag that will last him years. Our bags are a true investment piece that has been lovingly created to withstand the test of time.
In no order of preference below is a list of men’s bags that every man should own.

The Men’s Leather Satchel

Every discerning man needs a bag to hold all his work essentials including his laptop. A men’s leather satchel is the perfect accessory to stylishly pair back with any work outfit be it formal or casual. Our Mens leather satchels are handcrafted in Italy and are made with the finest leathers and hand stitched. A superior quality that you know is unique to you and will be treasured for many years to come. Our men’s satchel bags are dip dyed horse hide that are also leather lined. Dip dyes create a unique finish where each bag has a different colour variant. 

The Men’s Hold All Work Bag

Our holdall men’s work bag is an update to any man’s work attire. A modern version of a men’s briefcase our 101 ME ME bag is large enough to fit a standard laptop, papers, phone and all your everyday essentials. Made from 100% handmade Italian leather and hand stitched, this bag is sure to be cherished forever.

Men’s Backpack

Our men’s backpacks feature both canvas and leather finishes. All backpacks feature 100% Italian handmade craftsmanship using only the finest leathers and canvases and are created by Artisan makers. Featuring bold colours, finishes and designs that are unique and one of a kind. Each individual bag has a unique finish.

Men’s Weekender Bag

A quick getaway almost always requires a weekender bag. Our versatile men’s 100% Italian leather bag will hold all your garments, toiletries and travel essentials neatly and stylishly. It is uniquely designed by our Artisan makers, whereby not one bag is the same and all are specially crafted.

The Men’s Shoulder Bag

The essential shoulder bag is 100% Italian handmade leather with sturdy zips. A great style to carry off anywhere. This unisex men’s bag will hold all your essentials, including your wallet, keys, phone, hand sanitiser, mask and other essentials. 

Men’s Leather Wallets

Our personally hand curated men’s wallets are hand crafted and designed to be used for every day. They are made using the finest Italian leathers and are expertly made and hand stitched. They are designed to last a lifetime and with daily use will weather and age gracefully. All our wallets feature card slots and a coin pocket. Each wallet is specially made just for you.

Men’s Leather Belts

Our handcrafted men’s belts complete any look with a stylish and practical belt. From classic everyday leather belts leather to the more contemporary dip dyed styles our men's belts can be paired with any outfit. Crafted using the finest Italian hides and expertly finished, they are designed to last a lifetime.


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