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Welcome to our artisan world Introduction from Anthony and Neville, founders of 124… Nev and I had a vision for...

Welcome to our artisan world

Introduction from Anthony and Neville, founders of 124…

Nev and I had a vision for a business that appreciates quality men's footwear, men's apparel and men's accessories that encompassed craftsmanship from responsible supply chains. We were often looking for something unique and different. Footwear and apparel that wasn’t a blatant ode to loud and bold branding wrapped in cheap manufacturing practices and mass-produced items.

We were wondering was this something that the Australian market was missing? The gap between high end brands and mass market brands was evident and that’s when an opportunity presented itself. The Artisan world was born and the 124 journey began.

10 years connected, 124 and the artisan world has filled a gap with the finest men's and women's footwear and apparel from 3rd and 4th generation families who share the same passion as we do with footwear that speaks for itself.

Thinking back to our early days we hand selected curated collections specifically for our Australian and international Artisan audience. I still remember my first trade show, it was overwhelming, exciting and the scent of real leather definitely solidified our vision in bringing the Artisan fashion world to Australia and beyond.

When I begin to envision our next collection I think about the curation that goes into every men's boots, men's brogue, men's trainers. How each women's boot, women's trainer, women's flats can be styled and who the end customer will be? How footwear and apparel will pair back to items you already have in your wardrobe and how this will inspire you to push the boundaries of fashion. A collection that is unique, functional and expertly designed and finished. After all, you’re not buying items but pieces of art that will be cherished for a very long time.

Our vision which started in the heart of the city Russell Place has turned into what we envisioned it to be, the Artisan world available in Australia. The journey has been amazing and we are not done yet. We look forward to inspiring our 124 community and the Artisan world enthusiast.

Ethical manufacturing

“ Made in Italy”

Family run and owned businesses spanning over several generations. All our artisan brands use natural materials with premium leathers and traditional techniques which include industrial washes as well as machine barreled finishes. A clear standard is set for our artisan makers with each shoe having over 150 phases of craftsmanship before they are boxed and sent to our shores. Your new piece of artisan luxury meets all these standards. Our pieces are not just functional for everyday wear, they are pieces that will be worn for many a year.  

What makes us different

“ Made in Italy”

Premium leathers, 3rd and 4th generation families, handcrafted, individually made and not mass produced.

These are some of the values we have instilled since the opening of our first boutique in the little hero complex in Russell place. Our shoes are made to be worn in comfort. When you wear a piece of artisan luxury, you’re not only wearing a shoe but you’re wearing a piece of their livelihood. It’s more than a shoe, it’s quality craftsmanship resulting in beautiful pieces of art.

Join the slow fashion movement, embrace and enjoy your journey in your own piece of artisan luxury.

124/10 years connected

“Made in Italy”

The name 124 has always meant something to us and its time for us to share what it means with you. It was a constant reminder that there was a gap in the market. The vision was to bring that piece of the Artisan world to Australia. Through constant support and a loyal customer base we have been able to do that. To our 124 community we thank you for the last 10 years and we will continue to bring you footwear and apparel that is exclusively available at 124.  

124…… not for the ordinary

Why 124 ? 

At 124 we bring you the finest footwear and apparel from like minded artisan makers who share the same passion for craftsmanship as we do. All our footwear and garments come with a lifetime warranty to ensure you get the most out of your luxury artisan pieces.

We work with the finest craftsmen that use the most sought after materials and produce footwear that is made by hand from start to finish.

It’s time to Slow the Fashion Down and step into 124…

Ten years connected 124 will continue to inspire the Artisan world for our customers.  


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