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Off the Clock Wardrobe - Add Some Luxury

Off The Clock Adventures One of the joys in life is exploring a new city, country or countryside. Whether it’s...

Off The Clock Adventures

One of the joys in life is exploring a new city, country or countryside. Whether it’s a weekend away or a special occasion, it’s a time to unwind and relax as you completely switch off from your day to day work life. Packing for weekends away can often be a little tricky, with so little space available at our apparel we have to carefully choose what to bring. You pick items of footwear and apparel that are suitable for the occasion. With this being said we’re here to steer you in the right direction for whatever the occasion might be. Whether you’re away for a wedding, a winery or a weekend to unwind, we’re going to show you the pieces you can’t do without this season. 
Explore further as we ensure your looking your sharpest on your weekends away.

Exploring The City 

Whether you’re exploring a new city or getting to know a part of your hometown you’ve never seen before, you need the right balance between casual and dressy attire. Men need the right balance, that means packing a pair of shoes, knitwear, pants and a jacket incase the weather throws something at you you’ll be prepared. For women is the mixture between elegant and chic. A warm woolen skirt, knee high boots, chunky loafers and a few casual dresses. 


There is no better feeling on a weekend away to visit a winery with beautiful wine, a view and food. When exploring the vineyards it’s important to dress in a way that oozes class. Hoping in and out of wineries and barrel room’s calls for comfort, a maxi skirt paired with a crop top and some handmade flats. Being comfortable while on your feet is made easy with our flats but if you’re after something with a heel, La Bottega is the stand out piece you’re after. The perfect shoes for every man at a winery is a pair of chelsea boots, pair this with Transit’s slim line trousers, an Altea shirt and a pair of chelsea boots.


Deciding what to wear to a wedding sometimes is a daunting task. You’ve sent your RSVP in the mail and your attention turns to the outfit you’ll be wearing to celebrate this wonderful occasion. While there’s always a wedding dress code, this wedding season we look to step out and showcase a collection made not for the odinary. Nostrasantissima suits are that point of difference you’re after, handcrafted in Italy with the finest materials’ in a slim cut silhouette. Conflict for Interest will finish this look of with an array of footwear fit for the occasion. Women think floral hues and colourful footwear, you’ll have the guests speechless with your footwear

Night Out On The Town

Out for dinner, drinks or a little boogie, we need something versatile that will accommodate with whatever the night throws at us. The best nights are created by spontaneous decisions so we need outfits ready for a fun night out. Altea, Transit, MD75 will have men sorted for apparel. Footwear arriving weekly for women by Le Babe, Conflict For Interest, Ernesto Dolani and Bottega23 will show case a fun side to your footwear on a small or large night out.
Our latest collection has landed in store, whether the occasion is a wedding, a winery or a night hitting the town, our friendly staff will point you in the right direction. We remain on hand online and in boutiques for any queries you may have. We look forward to seeing you in all boutiques soon.
124…..handmade shoes made not for the ordinary. 


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