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Five Shoes Every Man Should Own

Five essential styles on rotation shouldn't be a problem for the modern man.  Fundamentally with all the choices on offer...

Five essential styles on rotation shouldn't be a problem for the modern man.  Fundamentally with all the choices on offer you would think that getting it right would be easy...? Hence, why we have compiled a list of essential styles that should anchor any modern man’s footwear collection.

The Chelsea Boot

When you’re looking for a shoe that is versatile, rugged and stylish, it’s difficult to look past the Chelsea Boot. Pair it with blue denim and a tee for a stylish trip to the local gastro pub, or wear it with cream chinos and a navy blazer for a garden wedding. It’s one of the few styles that you can typically wear just about every day (save for a black tie event).
The best part is that a quality pair of Chelsea boots will last you a lifetime (if cared for properly). In particular the urban styled Chelsea boots from SHOTO will undoubtably take on more personality with every step taken.
Next time you’re wearing a suit, try and substitute a pair of Chelsea Boots in for your dress shoe. It’s a look favoured by politicians (don’t hold that against it) and we think it’s a uniquely Australian riff on modern European style. Just remember that colour coordination is still essential when pairing it with a suit: brown Chelsea boots will never work with a black suit.

The Loafer

The timeless loafer, a symbol of Italy’s more laid-back tailoring landscape, has enjoyed a welcomed resurgence in recent years. The most common incarnations are the traditional penny loafer and the tassel loafer, though more casual styles (for summer wearing with shorts) are also available.
In terms of the material, tradition suggests leather for summer and suede for winter, but we don’t think you should get too hung up on it.
The easiest way to wear a loafer will be with a pair of chinos or tailored cotton pants, paired with a statement blazer, but it doesn’t need to stop there. A quick browse of social media and you’ll find that it’s perfectly acceptable to wear your loafers with a suit.
If you’re going down this route, ensure the hem of your trouser is tapered and cropped high above the ankle with “no break” (a tailoring term which means there is no crease in the trouser): nothing ruins the style more than a pair of flappy pants ending loose and covering some of the shoe. This is particularly important if you’re wearing your loafers without socks and pretending you’re on the Amalfi Coast.

The Classic Lace Up

The classic leather lace up is the single most important dress shoe a man can own. Equally adept for business and play, it is the sort of shoe you can spend a little more on without guilt, because it won't date. Whether it's a derby or an oxford it's a must have!  As a guiding principle, opt for black shoes for black suits (especially black tie) and brown shoes with a rich patina for anything in-between.

The Brogue

While oxfords are the most classic example of a dress shoe, there an array of more playful and fashion-forward styles. We suggest investing in a pair of Brogues, which utilise the craft of perforating leather and channels a more relaxed, European vibe; suitable for smart-casual events and relaxed weddings.
The appeal of brogues lies with its detailing subtle at times like Conflict For Interest Bergamo. The decorative perforations, the serration along the edges, the sturdy leather uppers; they were born in Ireland, designed with perforations along the body to allow water to drain when crossing the Highland marshes, but were later picked up by style icons such as James Dean.
These days, the perennially stylish essential is best the perfect finishing touch to any formal ensemble.

The Gentleman's Sneaker

A classic pair of low-top leather sneakers should reside in every man's wardrobe. Sneakers have gained cult status in recent years, especially the trusty white sneaker thanks to its minimalist design and extreme versatility.

Go for a sleek white or off-white sneaker which is the trending option and pair with rolled-up chinos (with invisible socks) and a neat crewneck sweater for an effortlessly understated, crisp city look with casual sportswear vibes. Alternate sneaker options are available from Conflict For Interest to keep the modern man on trend. 



Now that you've go the styling right, nailing the fit and investing in a quality pair should be a given. With new styles arriving weekly with various colours and styles, our friendly staff will point you in the right direction. We look forward to seeing you in one of our boutiques soon.

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