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124 Community X Spring Summer Edit

Spring summer is here and we all know how exciting this season can be. The season for colour and that...

Spring summer is here and we all know how exciting this season can be. The season for colour and that glimmer of sun has that we have all thrived. This season calls for a new set of apparel and footwear both fresh and stylish.
 We pride ourselves on bringing the finest footwear and apparel from artisan manufactures who pride themselves and treat every piece as a work of art. Today we speak to long time shopper Cameron and ask him a few questions about particular brands as well as his appreciation for 124.

 You have been shopping at 124 for a long time, how did you discover the brand? 

A shoe addict at heart I found 124 in Russell Place originally by accident. I would use the car park in Russell Place to do my business in the CBD. The Little Collins Street precinct was my preferred fashion shopping destination at the time, so I would often find myself doing less business and far more shopping with 124.

How has your wardrobe adapted to covid-19?

 Sadly lockdown hasn't provided much opportunity to get into most of my 124 gear although I have at times been styled up for a zoom meeting or a outing for a takeaway coffee or a trip to the supermarket. My go to pants during lockdown have been my super comfortable PMDS track pants.

What sets Tom Rebel apart from the other higher end fashion labels? 

Tom Rebel is a label that I have only recently become aware of because of 124. I have now purchased several pieces and from my point of view Tom Rebel is 'not for the ordinary' and provides superior fabrics, unique attention to detail. I’m looking forward to seeing the next collection of Tom Rebl, they have a fan in me.

 What are the garments and or footwear that you have your eye on?

I spend more time on the 124 website than I should and I always have my eyes on different pieces. I am a massive fan of MD75 and the recently added Never Enough gear is stylish and great value for quality Italian clothing. I have some made to order Mattia Capezzani's on the way and I am looking forward to getting into some of the new Spring Summer'20 apparel collection. Im really liking the new Ghoud trainers and thinking a new pair of Lemargo boots. I’m also eying off the some of the new linen shirts for SS'20. Honestly its difficult to choose but I if I had to pick my wish list would be the following;

What do you think the future of fashion styling will look like post covid?

 My strategy has always been to include some quality pieces in your wardrobe. I buy pieces that don’t come and go out of fashion. A quality pair of shoes or perfectly fitted piece of clothing always feels and looks great no matter when you originally bought them.

To you our family, we appreciate all the support, reviews and positive feed back we have received during this unprecedented time. We will continue to inspire and bring you the latest footwear and apparel from the heartland of Italy. 

Thank you for supporting small businesses and stay safe

 124 Team


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